What is PBIS?

Positive Behavioral Interventions & Support

  • NO student wants to misbehave.
  • PBIS is a PROCESS! There are no QUICK fixes. This process takes time.
  • We are looking to make long-term, durable lifestyle changes for the student.
  • A caring community and the need to belong are essential. It is extremely important for behavior change.
  • It is an effective method for increasing school safety, enhancing student social-behavioral skills and creating and more productive and positive school climate.
  • PBIS is a systemic approach to discipline that consists of school-wide expectations, consistency, consequences, and reward. It is a system of organization and uniformity.
  • PBIS views the misbehavior of a child as a skill deficit. Behavior is taught to establish a single, positive school climate and relay to both student and staff that the appropriate behavior is priority in the school.
  • With PBIS, teachers no longer operate in isolation. Interventions and strategies are created and implemented collaboratively by a school team that is trained to pull together ideas to meet specific needs of students.
  • School Administration is actively involved and is knowledgeable of the PBIS process and assures that the faculty and staff are following procedures defined in the process.
  • The discipline referral process and procedures are more consistent throughout the school.
  • Expectations are rules posted in specific settings, and students are taught those expectations regularly.
  • A reward system (or incentive program) will be utilized to encourage and model appropriate behavior.
  • PBIS information can be found at www.pbis.org.