Teaching Matrix

The Teaching Matrix for expectations across the entire school is listed below:

RespectWalk quietly on the blue line.Keep hands to self and off the walls.Zone 0Keep hands and feet to self.Respect personal space.Zone 3Practice good table manners.Use your inside voice.Follow zone signal.Use quiet voices.Hands and feet to self.Follow zone signal.Respect privacy.Wait your turn.
On TaskWalk directly to destination.Play safe.Stay alert.Have cards ready.Eat first.Stay alert for arrivals and dismissal.Stay seated facing forward.Use the restroom in a timely manner and return to class.
Aim for successBe alert and follow instructions.Demonstrate good sportsmanship.Settle conflicts peacefully. Try to eat all your food.Eat food on your tray first.Follow bus driver's directions at all times.Keep it clean.
ResponsibleLook ahead and stay togetherTake turns and share.Use equipment properly.Place trash in the trash can.Clean up eating area.Make sure trash is off the floor.Keep belongings in your book bag.Flush when you are finished.Practice good hygiene.