A Message from our Principal

Dear Students and Parents,

The 2019-2020 school year is here!  We are preparing to have another year full of positive energy that will promote academic and social growth.

Our school is entering year 3 on our Energy Bus for School Leadership Journey (EBSLJ)! We will continue to use the Energy Bus principles to help our students develop the world class skills, and life and career characteristics of the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate.

The Energy Bus Principals are:

Principal #1:“I’m the Driver”We will help our students take personal responsibility of their actions, not blaming or complaining, but feeling empowered to take risks and make necessary changes to get the desired results.

Principal #2:“Create a Vision” We will teach students to set positive personal and academic goals as they become active participants in the learning process.

Principal #3:“Drive with Purpose” Students will discover their unique talents and how they can utilize these gifts to determine their purpose.

Principal #4:“Fuel Your Ride with Positive Energy” Our students will focus on becoming a more positive person while learning how their behavior can impact everyone in the learning community.

Principal #5:“Transform Negativity” We will look at ways to turn challenges into great opportunities for learning, leading, and growth.

Principal #6:“Love Your Passengers” We will focus on seeing the true gift in every person we meet and find ways to serve our school and community.

Principal #7:“Enjoy the Ride!”Together, we will reinforce the importance of living a happy and healthy life.

We are excited to continue this positive journey and to follow our vision of helping our students, “Learn today to Lead Tomorrow”.

Pomaria-Garmany Elementary School is a Title One school for the 2019-2020 school year.Parent Involvement is an integral part of the Title One program.There are many ways for you to be involved.Please join our PTO at Open House, volunteer in our classrooms, mentor our students, and communicate regularly with your child’s teacher to support their learning.Maintaining constant communication with your child’s teacher is crucial.Check their folders and agenda regularly and ask questions when you need clarification.

Behind this letter you are provided our Handbook for the coming year.Within these pages you will find many of the answers to questions that may come up during the school year.We hope our parents will read it and then go over the handbook with your child so that you both find the information useful.


Lindsey Folk, Principal

Facebook Page: @PGEtigers                                Website Link: http://www.pomaria-garmany.org/