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Student Dress Code


Dress Code


Students are expected and required to dress in a manner not to disrupt the educational process. Students will dress appropriately for school and school functions. All students are very clothes conscious and should be allowed as much freedom in their dress as good taste permits. However, the administration reserves the right to require that students change clothes if they deem the clothing distracting or overly suggestive. If the student is sent home to change, the absence will be unexcused.

  • Pants, shorts, and skirts should fit appropriately and be at a length that the hem of the clothing covers the thigh.
  • Tops must have a strap a minimum of three (3) inches wide (4 adult fingers). No bare midriffs, halter- tops, tank tops, or see-though, or low-cut blouses can be worn. All tops must cover cleavage, midriffs, and undergarments while standing or seated. Tank tops, mesh shirts, half shirts, and shirts with obscene or offensive printing are considered inappropriate. Any endorsement of tobacco, drug paraphernalia, or of an alcoholic beverage will not be permitted on clothing worn to school.
  • Pants worn below the waist or any other comparable disruptive trend will not be tolerated.
  • We suggest comfortable tennis shoes be worn by students. However, students may not wear "Heeleys" at school during the school day or at any school function.
  • Hats, headwear, head coverings, and sunglasses of any kind are not allowed in the interior of the building or classrooms. The penalty is confiscation until picked up by a parent/guardian. This pertains to male and female students. If the student is a bus rider, they are to remove any kind of head covering when they step off the bus and stow it in a book bag. Any type of head covering that is visible in the building will be taken by the faculty, staff, or administration. Exceptions: Hats/caps on school spirit days or medical excuses approved by the principal.