PGE Students' Rewards  

 2014 - 2015  PGE PBIS

1. Finer Diner and Golden Dustpan - will still be celebrated weekly by the custodial and lunchroom staff for recognizing the cleanest classroom and the class with the best lunchroom manners.  Certificates and Dustpan/Spatula should be displayed outside the classroom door and winners will be notified on the Friday Morning News Show. 

2. Class Links - There will be yellow and blue strips of construction paper.  Anytime a class or another class is doing great work, they will receive a link.  After a class earns a certain amount, a class will be rewarded with an incentive.  The links should be displayed as a paper chain outside the door.  After 20 links, please add a gold paw and continue counting the links until you get to the next "milestone." 

 Link Rewards:

20 links - Hat and Shades Day

40 links - 15 Minutes Extra Recess

60 links - Lemonade or Punch at Lunch

80 links - Popsicle Party

100 links - Popcorn Party

125 links - SnoCone Party

150 links - Wii (30) Minute Game Time

200 links - Pizza Party 


3. Pawsome Student of the Month - *We will also continue to recognize "Pawsome student of the Month" based on character traits.

Character Traits of the Month -

September - Respect

October - On Task

November - Success

December - Responsible

January - Honest

February - Courage

March - Self-Control

April - Teamwork

May - Service