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Discipline Process  



Incidental/Minor Violations


Major/Illegal Violations


Offensive Behavior

-         Running in the building

-         Littering inside and outside of the building

-         Excessive talking

-         Chewing gum

-         Sleeping in class

-         Talking loudly in class and in hallways

-         Class disruptions (Teacher discretion)

-         Put-Downs

-         Failure to follow school expectations

-         Lying/Cheating

-         Profanity

-         Defiance

-         Horseplaying

-         Disrespect (Teacher discretion)


-         Threats

-         Vandalism

-         Profanity to an adult

-         Intimidation/Bullying

-         Fighting/Physical Aggression

-         Severe disrespect/defiance (ex. Throwing Objects)

-         Weapons

-         Direct inappropriate language/gestures

-         Theft

-         Reference in conversation or writing to weapons or acts of violence




the Behavior

Teacher Handled-

Teacher addresses the behavior using classroom management strategies

Office Managed-

Send the student to the office where principal addresses behavior

* The student will remain in the office until the principal addresses the behavior. 


Fill out a Parent Contact Form and send home with the child for the parent to sign. A signed copy is turned in to principal.

Fill out a Discipline Referral with as much information as possible to the office with the student.

 The principal will finish filling out the form and send it home.